Our Work

  No more software.    
  It's the 21st century - the world, or at least most companies, have enough software. As companies have grown over the past years, either alone or through merger, many are now faced with a collection of software "solutions", each providing valuable business function, and containing valuable business data, but each doing so in splendid isolation.

How does IT support a growing need for business agility, without adding to this collection of
software and data islands?

Process Driven Development

At Blue Light Software, we believe that the answer lies in Process Driven Development. We listen to our customers and model their business processes. We define these process models as a set of  tasks and business items.

For many tasks, the business function will already exist in some piece of software or other within the organisation.  Existing software functions are "wrapped", and made available as standardised "Service Components". Service Components operate on Business Items, for instance Customers, or Loan Applications.

Now, implementing a business process becomes a matter of wiring together these service components as defined in the process model. With the right approach, and toolset, building new business processes becomes a matter of weeks, rather than months or years. Changing a process, or building further new processes becomes a matter of changing the wiring, and not the underlying software components.

We at Blue Light believe that Process Driven Development using Service Components is the only way that IT can improve its value to Business. We have tried and tested this belief on real projects, with considerable success.

Process Driven Development enables agile IT systems to support agile businesses.